I’ve spent a lot of today thinking of topics for this week’s blog post and suddenly realised I didn’t post one last week. I could say (lie) I was mega busy and couldn’t find the time, but in fact the exact opposite is true. I spent most of the past 3 months working my arse off on one thing or another, and decided to give myself a little holiday. I didn’t intend it to be a holiday from blogging too but I got really into the whole doing nothing thing and just completely forgot. (I did remember at one point but I couldn’t be bothered that day)

I’ll try and think of something else to post about later in the week, (I’ve managed to do a post for every other week so far, and I’m really close to a full year of this twaddle) but today I’m going to share a few more bits of work from one of the things I was working so hard on. (I know it’s kinda taking the piss, it almost feels like cheating, but it’s not like I haven’t put any effort in, I made all the images square so the pun makes sense)

(As for the other thing you can now get it on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and probably most 3rd party podcast apps too, but not Google Play because they’re being twats.)