In our show we take a look at the books that everyone seems to hate. We stand up for mocked and derided literature, a lone defender doing their best to fight the conditioned ideas of the court of public opinion.

Every episode a member of the group has to convince the rest of us that their assigned book has been unfairly judged. As a benchmark we're using, anything on their site with at least 100 reviews and a rating of less than 3 stars is, we think, deserving of a fair appeal hearing.

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If you’re not someone I actually know, I’m sort of stunned you’ve got as far as reading this. Have a look at the rest of the site, there’s some stuff you might like, or you might hate it. Either way, I bet you want to know which now.


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CW: Mentions of fatphobia, eating disorders, emotional abuse, ableism, dubious consent. Discussions of domestic abuse, homophobia, forced outing. 

Nemo tells G, Grace and Lisa about this week’s “frothy fun” Epic novel, Sweet Valley: Confidential. He’s like and she’s like and he’s like and then a man gets attacked by a shark. Will Nemo get close to convincing the others that this book has redeeming qualities? 

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Lisa’s improv team The Descendants are performing at the Camden fringe on August 12th and 19th for a fiver! 

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cw: misogyny, eating disorders, drug use, animal testing, miscarriage mention, self harm, depression, sex trafficking mention, casual homophobia

Greg tells Shamini, Ed, Grace and G about this week’s “ribauld” series of vignettes - ‘Four Blondes’. Summer in the Hamptons becomes a government Chimpanzee conspiracy and there’s some unpatriotic sex. They ask the serious question - is this book just for blondes

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cw: drug use, drug addiction, stalking and harassment, suicide ideation, misogyny, homophobia, racism, dubious consent, fatphobia, sexual assault, conflation of paedophilia with homosexuality, romanticisation of paedophilia, r* slur

Lisa tells G, Nemo and Greg about James Franco's novel novel Actors Anonymous a Novel - a collection of gripping short stories, musings, streams of bitesize consciousnesses and er… poems about River Phoenix. I am the actor. Everyone is in me. 

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