Pod Blast-Off

This is last week's blog, so pretend it is last week. It’s like the clocks going back, if we all just agree that the time is changing then it changes. (because it’s a societal construct that only has meaning because we agree, collectively to grant it meaning) So now that it’s last week again, I have time to write this. I didn’t have time to write this the first time we went through this week because I was too busy finishing making a podcast! It will launch on Friday, (which, by the time you get to the end of this blog and it stops being last week, will already have happened and all the links below will work properly) so the links below won’t work yet but if you’re reading this after that then they will!

You can subscribe here, or with this. You can keep up with news on future episodes and any other news worthy stuff here, here and here. And you can listen to the first episode here, here, here or…