Sound and Visionary

I’m splitting my attention between two subjects this week. I don’t want to talk about the first one too much because it’s basically going to be the subject of next week’s post, this week is just a bit of a preview. And I don’t have that much to say about the second one. (actually I’m only including a second subject because the first is so short that I felt it wasn’t enough for a blog post so it’s just there to be filler and make you feel like you’re getting something)

Subject 1: RePresented

It’s a trailer for the launch of RePresented! Listen to it! Share it with your friends! (actually, though, do that)


Keep an eye on the Facebook page and Twitter, (if that’s the kind of thing you do) and use this RSS feed to subscribe to the podcast.

More next week!

Subject 2: The Elsewhere

I got all the artwork done and submitted for this comic project. I should find out next month if it’s all been worth it. (I really enjoyed doing it so it was worth it, but it might be going in a book, which would be cool) I’ll post more updates then but in the mean time here are the first two pages in their entirety. (see, it’s just more stuff you didn’t need or ask for)