Duo-lways talk like that?

It's a proven fact that learning a second language changes your brain physically. I only mention it because I think it's cool, and (while I don't think changing your brain physically is necessarily always a good idea), in the case of learning a language, it is almost certainly a good thing. Mainly I felt I needed to have some sort of introductory paragraph for writing structure reasons.

In any case, for a while now I've been sort of trying to learn French. By that I mean I downloaded the Duolingo app (which is basically a game) and, at the very least, it makes feel like i'm learning French. It used to have a percentage of how fluent you were (I was apparently 34% fluent, as far as you can describe fluency in percentages) but they got rid of that in a recent update. But one of the things I have particularly enjoyed has been some of the sentences I've been presented with to help me learn.

Full disclosure: some of these are from the 'Flirting' bonus section.

This didn't feel like an offer

It's just me.

You might want to see a doctor about that

Isn't it always?

Well thanks!

Full translation: Why does she talk?

This made me sad

Yes! I have the best ducks in town!

Um... ok?

I bet you do

Again, not feeling like an offer