Art Venturers Wanted

Some people reading this may notice that it's LATE! (in a world where anyone follows this bollocks closely enough to have noticed this is late) And it's so late that I considered not bothering, but that consideration led me to deciding that I should stick to my one blog a week goal, even if it's late, and since the whole point of this site is to have a place to put and talk about the stuff I'm doing I should talk about the stuff I've been doing that had me too busy to write a blog post. I didn't forget, I just didn't have time (I totally had time but I went and saw Infinity War instead, it was fucking brilliant!) 

And, as it happens, the thing I've been doing was a huge amount of fun, and sort of quite exciting in a larger, life goals kind of way. I got PAID for DRAWING STUFF AND COLOURING IN! So obviously I want to put my final finished piece of work here but I don't actually own it and the people that do (Adventurers Wanted, I did a post about them a few weeks ago) haven't made it public yet. It's an image that will be part of their publicity for like shows and stuff. They had a photo of some people playing D&D and asked me to illustrate their characters around them. They'll be making the photo available for anyone else to do their own version if they want to. 

I'll put the full thing here once they have released it properly but for now here's some peeks at a few wee bits. 

EDIT: The image has gone public now so I put the full thing here!