That's A Feline Mess Urine Now

When I was making No Hard Felines (a short comic for the upcoming GLoW anthology) I had to draw one panel that showed cats pissing on the windscreen of a car (I mean, I didn't HAVE to). I have come to value using photo references for my artwork, I think it helps it all feel a bit more real and weighty. This means that pretty much anything I draw I spend a bunch of time doing Google image searches on the topic. These are some of my results. (In this case I was surprised to find just how many people have trained their cat to piss in the toilet, I can't help wondering how they did it and if they taught them to flush it too)

I was planning on waiting until the anthology was published to post all these but if there's one thing there apparently can't be enough of, it's cats on the internet (though it's debatable whether or not I'm actually adding to the number of individual cats on the internet, at worst I'm duplicating SOME cats on the internet).

And this is the final image.