Anyone Want To See A Roll Play?

Despite being a life long fan of all things involving dwarves and magic and orcs and swords (and dragons, it's mostly the dragons if I'm honest) up until a few months ago I'd never played Dungeons & Dragons. Not that I had any aversion to it, or thought it was too geeky for me or anything, I just didn't know anyone that was really into it and I was never so keen to try it that I could be bothered trying to persuade other people to try it with me. I found it hard enough to get people to play more standard board games (Key to the Kingdom, it is every bit as awesome as this advert makes it look).

Earlier this year I played DnD for the first time. (If you're not up on exactly what DnD is, or how it works, it's not my job to tell you. JFGI) Through a couple of friends I met a fella called Chris who runs a weekly game that I've started taking part in, and this week I'll be playing for a 3rd time. But as well as running a weekly game, Chris runs, along with Chloe (who I've not met yet, but that's pretty far from relevant), a company called Adventurers Wanted, putting tabletop roleplaying games on stage in front of an audience. I could explain it more but you'd be better reading it in their own words on their shiny new website! They have a couple of shows coming up and I'm hoping they will be doing something at the Edinburgh Festival this summer that I can get involved in. Their fringe show last year, Odyssey, was a huge undertaking, 250 hours over the whole festival involving 4 dungeon masters, 3 stage managers, 2 BSL interpreters (they're keen on making the whole experience as inclusive as possible, and have plans to do more of that kind of thing in future) and hundreds of player-performers with some particularly excellent names (Gnomey Watts; 100% Pure Bob; Lord Lord Wiggins, brother of Biggins Wiggins; 110% Bob; Granny Smith; Barry Bluejeans; Dubious Scalyflank; Roona Badgertongue; 98.5% Bobbie; and my personal favourite, Danson Bear).

They also have a Patreon page which I've just signed up to support them on. If you like the sound of what they're doing you should support them too, especially if you are a player yourself, you can get all sorts of access to their home-brew stuff for you to use in your own games!

I want to end with this: the character I've been playing in Chris's weekly game. He's a dwarf battle-mage with a sad back story(obvs).

Jack Package small.jpg