Greece-d Lightning

I’m in Athens! I realised before I got here that I’d be writing this post and preepmtively thought of a few pun titles, luckily it rained a fair bit the first few days I was here and I saw some lightning! I didn’t take a picture of it, partly because it’s lightning but also because I was drinking at the time.

Now You might expect me to take some photos of the ancient culture and art that this city is known for but you’d be wrong. I’m in a hotel that’s not in that part of the city and I haven’t really had much time to explore very far, though I do have another couple of days here so hopefully I’ll go for a proper long wander before I leave. Also I’ve got a bunch of podcast editing to do, which I would have done before I came but the problem is I’m a lazy procrastinator. I could have explored the other day, if I’m hones, but like I said, there’s been rain and drinking.

Instead I’ve decided to share some shots of the bits of Athens most people might not bother paying attention to. I’m getting to stay in a pretty swish hotel.


And I’ve seen some impressive graffiti art.

I’m staying in a pretty salubrious area, I think you’ll agree.

And I want to leave you with this little story of drama and suspense, and a tasty lunch.