The Girl Who Makes It Rain: Page Sucks (and Other Stories)

It was bound to happen eventually, I missed a week of blogging. And while I don't really care, (and I'm sure no one else cares more than me) I still feel compelled to make an extra post this week to make up for it so I'm getting this one in early. (my blog-week starts on a Saturday because reasons)

There's no specific reason I didn't make a post last week. Nothing particularly dramatic happened. I was just doing other shit. So it feels fitting to post about some of said shit. (I can't bring myself to say "update you all" because I'm still not convinced anyone reads this)


1. Elsewhere ...

I'm putting together a submission for a comic book anthology for Unlikely Heroes Studios. I've not really started on the artwork for it yet but I've got it written. In my head the story will work as a sort of intro to a bigger project of mine, R.E.A.L. Team Six. The deadline is January and if it doesn't get accepted then I'll put the whole thing on the site after that, but either way I'll be posting some sketches and art over the next few months.


2. Re-Presented

I'm still making a podcast. And it's got a new name! (it's called Re-Presented, in case that's not clear) Over the last week I've been trying to get some recording sessions organised and I'll be getting social media stuff sorted in the next few weeks. The aim is to start releasing one episode a month from November, but also I'm kinda just gonna see what happens.


3. The Girl Who Makes It Rain

And finally, the latest page of this story. (The one I should have had done a couple of weeks ago. Read the whole thing here.

There! Happy now?