Strange... er, future

The whole point of this site is to have somewhere to put the stuff I create. A while ago I was asked to write a short film for my friend because he wanted to make a short film. I had an idea and started writing. I called it Future Strangers and it kinda got of hand (I was aiming for 20-25 pages and ended up with 41) and ultimately I decided it needed some more work. So I wrote another short and gave that to my friend instead. I eventually got round to streamlining Future Strangers and was hoping to find another group of people to produce it. I managed to get it to 18 pages and I was really proud and happy with what I’ve ended up with.

I showed to a few people was given some advice to the effect of: “Short film producers won’t look at an 18 page script, almost no one will watch a short that’s longer than 12 minutes, cut it down to 12 pages and I know some people that might be interested.” Now, I have no doubt that that is pretty solid advice if I’m determined to get this produced, but it made me think about why I write. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m done working on this script. I had an idea, I created it, and I don’t feel the need to take out or change parts that I feel are important to what the whole thing means (since I took everything else out, that’s all of it).

Until now I didn’t want to make it public (because leaks, I should really be making you all sign an NDA) but in the absence of any other idea what to do with this (any idea i can be bothered following through on) the whole thing is below (and here (and here)) for anyone that wants to read it. (and if you want to produce it and/or any of the other stuff I’ve made and/or ideas in my head then let me know)