Edinburgh, First Of All

So I don't know if you've heard about this thing that's often referred to as the Edinburgh Festival. It could easily be described as the phenomenon where hundreds of people from around the world descend on the city of Edinburgh and generally make the city a complete nightmare for anyone that lives there the rest of the time. You could also say the same about new year but the festival lasts a whole month instead of just a couple of days. It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this (I will totally stop making assumptions about the people reading this as soon as I get any sort of inkling that anyone that doesn't know me well has read even one of these posts) that I'm spending the next month working on a show there (by which I mean here, of course), and unlike many shows I have worked on over the years, this one is really good. 


The show is Coriolanus Vanishes, written and directed by David Leddy and produced by his company Fire Exit. It's described in the publicity as 'psychological thriller' and while I can't disagree with that, it also doesn't feel like an adequate description, there's a lot in there. I've worked on a few of Dr Leddy's shows now (not his DJ name, he's a real Dr, his shows might not make you feel better, but they will make you feel) and, to put it bluntly, they are some of the best bits of theatre I've ever been involved in. He's a bit of a genius. If you're around the Traverse Theatre over the next month you should try to see it. (you can work out how to buy tickets on your own, I'm not your P.A.) 


Now, normally I'd stick with just doing the one show but since last year I've made some new friends that are doing a show that I'm really excited to be part of. Adventurers Wanted are doing a show called Rebellion (in very basic terms their shows are DnD on stage but they put it better than I can), it'll be on every day from 10:30 to 14:30 at Sweet Venues and I'm lucky enough to be playing a recurring character throughout the 100 hours of play/show they have planned. I've mentioned them here before, and their show but I'm even more excited about it now because it starts on Thursday! And I get to play on the first TWO DAYS! (I'll be there on the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 15th and 21st so far, and, fingers crossed I'll get to play in the finale on the 26th!) I wouldn't want to share too much about my character but he's bird-man creature called Harvey and he carries a crossbow! I can't fucking wait! You can come to watch as an audience member or you can even get involved and play yourself, you don't even have to have played DnD before. And it's only a fiver!

On top of all that I'm doing a few days work for Assembly building things on George Street, and generally getting in the way of buses. They have many shows over the next few weeks that I don't know anything about. (though I can tell you now, some will be shit... like, really shit... but some won't) What I do know is that they'll have a big Helter Skelter in the middle of George Street that looks pretty cool.