The Shite At The End Of The Tunnel


I've decided to do a podcast related post every month, even if I don't really have any podcast related news to share. I have come to this decision, not just because it means I don't have to think about what to write about for one week every month but also because I'm hoping it'll make me keep working on producing it. 

So what news do I have this month? Well, not much really (if you didn't see that coming I'm disappointed in you). I've had some feedback about the pilot (which you can still listen to) and I'm looking forward to recording more episodes! We've already picked out books for what I think in going to start calling our first season (I'm sort of planning to do a season of 5 episodes every six months because reasons, but I might change my mind so don't tell anyone). 

The one thing that could be classed as actual news is that I'm going to be changing the name of the show (apparently Twitter, Facebook and certain close personal friends who use their social media accounts for professional stuff a lot were all unwilling to publicise a podcast with the word 'shite' in the title). I currently have no idea what to call it so answers on a post card (or in the comments below because that's much quicker). If we decide to use your title you get some amount of gratitude and the warm feeling of knowing that you named a podcast that will almost certainly never be popular (don't get your hopes up though, I'll probably think of something I like more than whatever shit you can think up). 

I'm still working on a page on this site for the show but I've been a bit derailed by the whole title thing. Anyway, I probably won't have much news next month either, but who knows, right?