The Whines They Are A-Changin' - Blog Dylan

I’ve decided to make this my last regular blog post for a while. I’ve posted one every week for the past year and I kind of feel I’ve done what I set out to do with it. (still not sure what that is) Functionally this doesn’t make a lot of difference. I’m still going to post stuff fairly often, I’m just not going to bother worrying about doing one every week, but I’ve been pretty shit at actually posting with any real regularity. In fact it makes so little difference that it probably wasn’t worth mentioning. It really doesn’t affect/effect (I’ve given up trying to learn the difference) anyone but me, but I’ve typed all that now so that’s just what this post is about now. I’m not changing it just for your benefit.

But this is for your benefit.

I recently visited Reggio Emilia, near Bologna and this cool fountain was outside the theatre I was working in. One of the guys I was working with took an amazing slow motion video of it, so I straight up plagiarised his idea and went and shot my own version.