Read It, Or Elsewhere

I’ve had a busy old week this week. I meant to post this early on in the week so I could write next week’s post too, since next week is likely to be even busier. But instead I forgot to do any of that, in fact I’ve only just remembered to write this now.

I’m working on a short comic/graphic story at the moment called Elsewhere and I wanted to post some of the work in progress. I won’t be able to post full pages until the whole thing is completed but for now you get this, an inter-dimensional research vessel, the I.C.V. Edith Stein, travelling through the Elsewhere, the space (it’s not technically space but I’m not going to get into that here) between dimensions.

AngDelo's Ship.jpg

I’m not going to make this a long one. I’ve got more interesting things to do with my time than sit and write a bunch of words about stuff (which might make you ask why do it, no one asked me to and I’m not getting paid, to which I’ll just say fuck you). Next week will make it clear what exactly I consider to be more important that making reasonable and/or genuinely interesting posts. (my first cliffhanger ending, I bet you’re grippered)