It's Been A Hard Day's Shite

Now I know that a good many people that will end up reading this blog like a good podcast. And if you're one of them then this one is for you. Last month I wrote about the podcast I'm starting (mainly because I needed to write about something), and now I actually have a pilot episode for people to listen to (by people I mean you). The idea is one person takes a book that the general public think is shite and they have to convince some other people that it's not. If it helps you can think of it like a cross between How Did This Get Made and Would I Lie To You? If that doesn't help then just give it a listen, I'm not here to explain stuff just for you.

And so, this is The Shite Show.  You can listen to the pilot below right now, or you can go to the Soundcloud page and download it to listen to at any time you like (except the past, you can't listen to it before now). The book we're looking at for this episode is The World Rose by Richard Brittain (he did really well on Countdown but he also attacked someone who gave his book a bad review, so he's had good days and bad).

Being the pilot episode I'm looking to get as much feedback as possible. I particularly want to know what people don't like about it  So, if you are in the mood to let me know what you think you can leave a comment below, or you can get in touch through twitter, with @TheShiteShow or you can look at the Facebook page. And once you've done that, tell everyone you know to listen to it too! The best outcome would be to get a load of properly objective feedback from people that don't know me or anyone else in the show. So stop reading this and get on it!