It's Loathe at First Shite

I really don't know why I feel the need to stick to one post a week but I'm going to assume it's at least character building or some such other positive thing. I've been busy with a few things this week, the most exciting of which is the podcast I'm starting!

I'll be recording the pilot just a few hours from now (my now, not yours) which is pretty damn exciting. It's called The Shite Show (I know, Shit Show is a better name but have you any idea how many of them there already are? At least 5!) and now that I'm actually making it I've realised I have to work out how to distribute and publicise it and all that jazz. (If anyone wants to do all that guff for me then feel free to volunteer)

I'm not going to explain what the show actually is for now but I should have an edited pilot that I'll be posting in the next few weeks, and I'll be looking to get feed back so if you want to listen to it then let me know. (If you don't then I'll probably ask you anyway, if you're reading this then chances are I know you personally and I will be hassling pretty much everyone I know about this at some point, or maybe I'll get bored of it and move on to some other project)