The Girl Who Makes It Rain: Page Won!

I've had a busy week so I don't have the time (read energy and/or inclination) to write a lot of rubbish, but I'm excited to post this nonetheless (I'm also excited to discover nonetheless is a single word, who knew?).

I've been working on this, my first full length comic for what feels like fucking ages! I say full length, it's still not that long and, I'm not posting the whole comic (24 pages, standard single-issue length, for the uninitiated), in large part because I haven't finished it yet, not even close. In fact all you're getting for now is a single page, luckily it happens to be the first page. The plan is to post (or release? I guess) one page each month, which will hopefully give me time to actually finish the thing at my very slow work pace. In all honesty, if I still haven't finished this in two years I'll be just about ready to set myself on fire. That's about all I have to say. Have a look, let me know what you think, if you like (I don't feel like there's really enough of it to form much of an opinion, but maybe you feel differently). (Also, I do enjoy a parenthetical, but I might have let it get a bit out of hand today. Thoughts on a postcard to "I don't care what you think (about my brackets)")