Selfie Stuck

I can’t remember the first time I saw a seflie, or heard the word, or became aware of the concept, none of these things are very momentous. I think I was pretty judgemental of them to begin with, I didn’t (and still don’t) really understand what was so special about taking a picture of yourself. Perhaps it has something to with actually managing to take a decent one is and exciting and intoxicating experience worthy of getting worked up about. I wouldn’t know. I’ve tried taking selfies at various points over the years but it never seems to work out particularly well. I’ve tried reading ‘how to’s, watching instructional videos, all to no avail.

I used to try, mostly for a variety of profile photos, and quickly get frustrated but with the artwork I’ve been doing lately I’ve often needed references for different body and hand poses. I’ve come to terms with the selfie as a useful tool, which has led to a certain level of comfort with looking at my face with stupid expressions on it. So here’s a lot of my face, both old and new and in no particular order (because this is my blog and I can fill it with any old shit I like!):

This was my reaction to finding out my phone will take your picture if you show it an open palm.


And taking several reference shot because I haven’t decided on a final pose has led to a few gems from the Google Photos Assistant


The lesser spotted bald faced McDermott