Rep Resented

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It’s my podcast! Launching in January 2019! (I don’t know what date yet because I’m just making this up as I go!) We take books that people hate and we do our best to re-tell the story in the best light possible. We’ll be recording the first batch of episodes very soon and start releasing every month from January. In the meantime I'll be posting some half-arsed updates, previews and pointless nonsense on this blog and on the facebook and the twitter too. (you know why i made those links, don’t make me ask you to follow the accounts, you know it helps even if you don’t give a fuck so just follow them, it’s only a few clicks for fuck sake)

Every episode one of our team will re-present a book to the rest of us. A book that has been much maligned (according to the users of at least) and deserves a second chance. The kind of book most of us would look at and instantly dismiss. Can they convince the rest of us it's worth reading?

I don't know, we haven't started recording yet, that's next week. For now I still have 130 pages of small print to read before recording in 4 days, and I don’t read very quick so it’ll take up most of my time. It’s much more fun that proper work, ah tell thee.

Sorry, there’s some Yorkshire chat in this one.